6 Easy Steps to Write a Novel

If you have an idea to write a novel, you should be ready to work hard. Mind that you will not be given any easy answers and a magic formula. Your novel needs its own pace and structure describing your personal attitude to the world.

But you should not get nervous and leave your desire unrealized. While writing a novel is difficult and sometimes frustrating, it still brings you a possibility to immerse yourself in your imagination and get involved in a fun adventure. Do not give up this idea and try creating your own world, developing, cultivating it, and combining all the ideas together.

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Begin with no Outline

It can scare you, but you don’t need to follow a definite outline when you begin. You should write approximately 50 pages and see where your ideas are taking you. This way you will get out of limitations that an outline creates for your novel. While it gives a direction to your work, it still can destroy some ideas that don’t fit it. Thus, be cautious!

Think about the Setting

The setting determines place and time of events in the novel. Detailed descriptions are necessary to create the world of your novel and immerse a reader in it. You have to be specific and think about each small detail, as it will influence the entire picture. Also, you should justify chosen time and place to yourself to be sure you have chosen right setting.

Choose the Point of View

You need to choose a narrator. Is it a narrative from a first person, or from an omniscient author who has the power to listen to everybody’s thoughts? Or it might be told by a third person not involved in the story itself. A chosen narrator determines the way you will write. If you are writing from a head of a particular character, you can easily explain his/her motivation. But, when writing from a third narrator, you are able to describe the situation from different angles.

Create the Protagonist

The main character is a protagonist the story revolves around. That is why you should create a personality that will attract reader’s attention. Your protagonist has to be flawed in some way creating a desire to care for them. You need to describe your hero with all possible details giving the reader a chance to understand his/her decisions and actions.

Think about the Conflict

A novel is created around trouble making people think and care about the solution. The conflict is an explanation why this story is written and worth reading. So, you need to have it, but it doesn't have to be described on the first page. You have approximately 10 pages to involve your readers in the storytelling them what it is all about.

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Consider the Risk

Risk always justifies solutions and actions made in the story. You have to describe something that your protagonist cares for. The stakes need to be understandable to readers to keep their attention. While your character has some personal stakes, there are also public risks. Your character lives in the world, so you should take it into consideration.

When you think about all these points you understand how to realize the ideas from your mind. Make sure that each new story you write is better than the previous one. You might want to use information on how to write better essays all the time. Fulfilling these steps can help you create the world and characters you want. Then you need to describe their problems, lives, solutions, and actions. With every new page, your world will get larger and develop.

So, mind the main idea and keep readers interested in your story!